meal planning bread and butter pickle in half gallon pickle jar

Meal Planning

For every minute spent organising an hour is earned - Benjamin Franklin Meal Planning If you are always chasing your tail with yet another meal that has to appear only for it to be dispatched either in several thankless seconds or rejected with disdain - you need help! Make some time to go through...

My workshop on beautiful fresh British rhubarb

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

I guess the title of this blog means nothing to people under a certain age! The old acting advice at school for the crowd scenes - just mutter rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb which we tried to do but then got the giggles. Its a little bit early for the first rhubarb in my part of...

My Pantry Notebook

My Pantry Notebook

My Pantry Notebook - has changed my life. Previously I have tried to use planners, diaries - scraps of paper, memory, but nothing was really, truly fit for purpose. I designed My Pantry Notebook to be just that. Mine. Absolutely what I wanted it to be but so flexible that it can be whatever...

Magnificent Marmalade

Magnificent Marmalade

It is hard, in these artificially sugared days of over-sweetened processed food, to relate to how our most-loved staples have come about. Take the modern marmalade for instance. The darling of the post-Christmas articles on the arrival of the marmalade season headed up by 'Liz Hurley has made some marmalade' do next to nothing...

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