My Pantry Notebook

My Pantry Notebook

My Pantry Notebook - has changed my life. Previously I have tried to use planners, diaries - scraps of paper, memory, but nothing was really, truly fit for purpose.

I designed My Pantry Notebook to be just that. Mine. Absolutely what I wanted it to be but so flexible that it can be whatever one individual wants. Let's start at the beginning.

It has no year date so is continuous. Yes, that's right - it can be used year after year, updating existing records, adding new ones. No tedious copying year-to-year. If it is important or interesting you can record the year beside the entry. Each month is clearly printed on the sides of the pages for easy flicking through, each day is marked with it's number. You can start your Notebook at any point in the year and because it is a ring binder, re-order the pages to have the current month right at the beginning if that suits you.

Each month has a topical page on the preserving highlights and there is room for you to record recipes you want to make a note of , as well as day to day happenings. A monthly recipe as well, typical for the season. You will find a Store Cupboard section at the front of the Notebook when it arrives - you can put it wherever suits you. It has ideas for constructing a useful store cupboard, each page has different food group prompts and plenty of room for you to add your own family's preferences and for planning re-stocking.

There is a set of Expansion Pages available as monthly add-ins as well. They have seasonal ideas for books to read, places to go, and Ten Top Tasks that are useful to do at that time - or just fun ideas for you to try - PLUS extra lined pages to add in wherever you need them. Also included, a pack of 18 jar labels so you will never run out.

I especially like the pack of Inventory Pages which I have in My Pantry Notebook so I can keep track of what I have preserved, how many I made, where I have stored it (!) and when I should, and have, used it by. I am particularly bad at these sorts of records but it saves masses of time because, let's face it, most modern homes don't incorporate a large, walk-in preserves store with floor to ceiling custom shelving. It is more a case of which bed I stored it under - saves a lot of searching!

Of course, if you are a student in Rosie's Preserving School the downloadable recipe sheets have been re-sized to fit the Notebook - just trim off the sides and punch some holes and they will fit right in. We will be producing spare cover sets and rings as well in case you need to make Volume Two!

I hope you get a copy or have one as a gift - I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

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