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You Are Your Best Thing
Toni Morrison

Your homemade preserves are special - unique in fact. Unlike anyone else's. With homemade preserves more comes out of the jar than goes in by way of ingredients. If you eat it yourself you have memories - a walk collecting wild blackberries, your friend gifting you a bag of plums, the day you made the preserve - what else was happening, perhaps it was a hot Summer's day or starting the first signs of Autumn, blustery, squally showers. This is why homemade food is so different from shop bought food even if it is artisanally made. Your own homemade food feeds your soul as well as your stomach, it satisfies your appetite. Your appetite is complex and not just driven by hunger.

So it follows if you make preserves intending to gift some to family and friends they will also recognise this. Every time they open the jar to enjoy some more they will think of you, and what you mean to them. Maybe the last time you were together, something that happened then will make them chuckle again now, lift their mood, improve their day.

Big Corporates understand the message communicated by branding and labeling. They have Teams dedicated to studying trends, demographics, the strategic "anniversary" days throughout the calendar, the importance of feelings and emotions.

At Lovejars we can't do this - we don't need to do this. As real people we have all been on the receiving end of one of these empty gifts haven't we? We know how it feels. The branded "just for you for insert appropriate anniversary here" gifts.

Let me just say that nothing feels more like love than homemade. You have given that priceless gift to someone that you care about - your time, your care, consideration and your effort.

That is why we have created the Jar Labeling Kits reflecting the five Seasons - yes five - there is a special box for Christmas. The uniqueness of your gift can be carried through to the decoration and labeling. Sure, you could just stick on a mass produced jam jar label, but spend less than 10 minutes customising the jar for the recipient, to reflect your taste and their personality, and the contents, make the gift extra special.

There is a good variety in each box, each kit is themed for the season and has jar wraps, labels, ribbon, raffia, trims, tags, buttons, at the very least - even the sticky stuff is included.  Every jar you decorate will be unique. No-one, not even you, decorates two jars exactly the same. So the same kit will be used differently by every person that opens one. It is also ideal for getting children involved. You could add in your own found bits - seed heads, feathers, shells for example.

We are adding videos to give you some ideas to start with but you will soon be creating your own unique style and we hope you have some fun with it.

Jar Labeling Kits

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