Community Canning Clubs

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Let's Get Organised

We have had a very good response to our idea of Community Canning Clubs so now it is time to take action.

To relieve any pressure, the Clubs locally will start when they start - it will all be different, different days, different times in the day etc etc so there is no one-size-fits -all. However, someone needs to to have an overview and that is where Rosie's Preserving School will provide some structure. The first port of call, a list of members, a list of leaders and venues, a source of information.

So to kick things off you will see below a simple contact form. We don't need your life history or your shoe size - just basic things like name, address, phone number and what you would like to either teach or to learn. There is no money to pay to The School to sign up, that will all be done locally with your leader at their discretion according to the venue.

You won't need to buy expensive equipment, simple household utensils will suffice to begin with and all of Rosie's Preserving School recipes and downloads will be made available as necessary. Going forward there will be discounts available for Club orders to Lovejars to make any preserving requirements as economic as possible.

We initially planned to just offer Pressure Canning tuition but it may be necessary to offer standard preserving as well so please try to be as clear as you can when describing your expectation and in the case of leaders, what you are able to cover.

That's about it for now.

Let's make this happen.



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